The anti-mindless-plastic-consumer Punk ethic in Steampunk

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how mindlessly plastic consumerist Western society has become, and how human relationships and creativity are suffering because of this. Every generation seems to have its cultural form of people-oriented creative outlet. The 60s had hippies, the 80s had Punk, the 90s Goth, and now there’s Steampunk. Some counter-cultures are more angry and some are more happy. I like Steampunk because it emphasises positive inclusive community, creativity and the DIY ethos that rejects becoming just another plastic cog in the global corporatist marketplace. A great short vid on this theme is by Douglas Rushkoff- on this page:

A steampunk personality- GD Falksen, wearing the automotivator-1

A steampunk personality- GD Falksen, wearing the automotivator-1

We need healthy rejection of the worst elements of modern mass-consumption sameness- This image says it all really 🙂

4 Responses

  1. Great blog sir. And I agree with you whole heartily. Of all the counter-cultural movements I think that Steampunk is one of the more productive ones. It’s the only one that teaches you useful skills that can be transferred over to every day life. In my opinion that is.

  2. To build on the previous comment: there are various aspects of steampunk which are strikingy countercultural, and are highlighted after being reminded of the dreary consumerist reality: the originality and creativity needed to make your own objects; the uniqueness of the pieces that are created/modified; the skills which you can learn are ones which encourage community- i.e. making stuff with another person, getting someone to teach you how to use metal or wood, passing on the skills to others.

  3. What a nice theme

  4. I entirely agree with you sir..

    With regard to plastic literally. I live in a fine Edwardian house now around 100 years old, nearly all my neighbours have replaced the original wooden sash and case windows with appalling plastic windows and in some cases, the Anathema, plastic doors! These will all disintegrate within about 20 years!

    Hopefully by then they will be banned.?

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