Steampunk musical inventions

I’m really impressed by the ambience of Steampunk “inventions” around this band “Abney Park”, not to mention the music. The ethereal-magneto-keyboard looks very groovy 🙂 And musically, I especially love “Airship Pirate” and the haunting Scottish Highlands pipe synth sounds. Hmm, if I can connect a steam-engine as input to my synth… news: I bought a nice new Dremel tool and a proper electric welder to do some more serious work.

Check out: a very well-designed Steampunk-themed site.



A fellow null-A traveller and his inventions

This guy sounds great. Love his creations, his Null-A references, and the subtle background gravity lesson with attracting plumblines!

How to draw Steampunk machines

Here’s a great how-to site explaining the engineering behind steam engines and thus what makes for realistic steampunk drawings. Full of great detail and pics of real steam engines, and some cool drawings. The artist in me just wants to find an extra day in my week, or an extra week in every day. Drool.

Smashing Discovery what hey!

After 3 decades of making my own electro-mechanical gadgets, playing with steam engines and neo-Gothic stuff, and loving Victorian-era SF, (think Jules Verne), and being rather inspired by Moorcock’s “Warlord of the Air” and Stephenson’s “Diamond Age”, I’ve found that the latest name for this mix is “Steampunk”. Well, actually I’ve known that for a few years, but its time to come out of the closet a bit more and spread the fun.

Steampunk is a hopeful vision of a better time, and a critique of modern plastic society. It’s beauty and sustainability, and a DIY ethic. I’ll be posting here thoughts on these topics as well as news of my projects. For Science!

John D’Alton, Bellbird Hollow, Palpera Tce. Greensborough.