More Steampunk RPGs- too much fun!

So, over the last while I wrote yet 3 more Steampunk Role-Playing games which I then ran at Arcanacon 2011 and Conquest 2011.  “Airship Mayhem” was a murder mystery with lots of drama and action for a group of Airship Navigators plus the Snoots family. It involved ethereal pistols, people in the dark, sneaking around, building various devices and more. “Snoots Family at the Circus” was set at a (surprise) Circus, but featured various SP devices and some odd red glowing stuff. I also wrote and ran a third game that was more a gothic horror/SP cross-over, set in Transylvania and titled “Murder on the Transylvanian Express” bwahahaha. Think vampires, ethereal digging machines, vials of mysterious substances… and here’s some pictures from the various games. There’s Count Wolfenbach, some Airship Francs, an Ethereal Reflectoscope,  Angelina, the 3 clowns, and Ringmaster Sir Henry Longbottom.

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