Cure for Lumbago ;-)

Step right up folks. That’s right, Professa Uncle Festa’s patented “Snake Oil Replacement” cures lumbago, toothache, warts, back-pain and gammy leg. Made from the highest quality Di-Hydrogen Oxide, this formula is twice as effective as Dr. Bill William’s Snake Oil. So why settle for second best? Ahem, I advertised these while winning a costume award at the Firefly/Serenity fund-raising event on the weekend. A jolly good time.

All good Steampunks need this product. Just 2 gold coins. Gold-pressed latinum not accepted.

Prof. Uncle festa's snakeoil

Prof. Uncle festa's snakeoil

Prof Uncle Festa Snake Oil Label

Prof Uncle Festa Snake Oil Label


3 Responses

  1. I’ve heard this stuff makes a good diuretic.

  2. Di-Hydrogen Oxide kills thousands of people every year, many of them infants and babies. How could you sell such poison!

  3. giggles at Thelen…..

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