My Steampunk walking stick under construction

As promised here’s my modified walking stick, with some initial work done on it. I’m really quite pleased with how its coming on. I don’t actually *need* a walking stick, but this does look cool, and I get lots of questions about it. At the moment the first bits have been added but there’s no brass paint nor extra bits added yet. The photo shows the stick looking straight ahead.

So far there’s a switch which works the light on the left (LCD light to be converted to yellower colour and inserted into brass can) and on the right is an earphone which emits high-pitch ethereal sounds to scare away dogs 😉 (or maybe it will play an iPod?) The light in the lower-middle is a zombie detector warning light.

I’d love to add some little rotary legs at the base which are powered by a clock (then it would be a literal “walking stick” teehee), and maybe insert my old laser pointer into the foot itself 🙂 (James Bond eat your heart out). It will eventually have a SP GPS (aka compass) and other bits I haven’t decided yet.

I want it to be functional and beautiful and a little eccentric (hence the hanging and off-centre wiring which is real antique house wiring). But not weigh too much. I was tempted to add a steam pressure chamber or a small steam engine but I think it will be too heavy. (You could use the steam to heat up cups of tea!)

Any ideas for other essential add-ons for the proper Victorian gentleman?

So far I’ve had suggestions for a snuff holder (great!) and an anti-anti-anti-missile (teehee).

A pleasure to meet you, let me offer you my card

I thought it was time to develop an appropriate calling card with the right neo-Victorian vibe. I’ve tried to marry the olden days flavour with the neo-tech of having a webpage 😉 Calling cards help to bring back some elegance and happy formality into relationships.  This is a rather easy invention that anyone could reproduce. Anyone for tea?



Costume award at Serenity/Firefly screening

My Steampunk costume won an award at a Serenity/Firefly screening in Melbourne last week. So I got a groovy tee-shirt and a chance to hawk my Snake Oil liniment 😉   So you ask, “What’s a Steampunk doing in the Firefly universe?” Well some eps have a decidedly SP theme and location, so I was a character at the Trading Post.

Here’s a pic of some of the others plus yours truly. Zoe and Dr Horrible either side. (The “Zoe” is our daughter Laena 🙂 and beside her is her friend.) My modified walking stick gained a lot of attention so I’ll add some details on it soon.

Can I interest you in a cure for Lumbago?

Can I interest you in a cure for Lumbago?

Why Steampunk will stick around (while the West collapses)

Clockwork Century: Here’s a great blog about one person’s take on why steampunk will last. I think they’ve tied the airship rope down nicely. This is exactly what attracts me and why I resonate with the SP ethos.

This is a sample (IMHO the best political insights start  half way down blogpost)

“(1). Steampunk comes from a philosophy of salvage and customization, and (2). Steampunk’s inherent nature is participatory and inclusive, yet subversive.

And now, enlarging to show detail.

(1). Steampunk’s philosophy of salvage and customization is not only very timely here in the early twenty-first century, but it’s a conscious backlash against a Western cultural tradition of waste, disposable consumer goods, and the banality of mass production.”

Check it out– lots of good points. And here’s a pic from somewhere I forget that exemplifies this ethos.

steampunkcdplayer- upcycling

steampunkcdplayer- upcycling