I grew up with steam trains, well model ones at least. Some of my earliest memories are of beautiful old trains roaring around a track, and a live steam engine making a wheel turn rapidly. Very exciting! And then along came Michael Moorcock’s great book “Warlord of the Air” which I read in about 1974 at the ripe old age of 14. Then I got fully into cyberpunk novels and the whole cyberpunk role-playing and sub-culture in the 90s.

Jump forward to Neal Stephenson’s “Diamond Age” in the late 90s and I was fully hooked on what became known as Steampunk. I’ve always made things rather than buy them where possible, from a very simple mechanical computer in the mid 70s, through to a kit computer in late 70s, to a fish-pond recycling system last year, and along the way various steampunk things. Well I’ve missed out 20 years of various cyberpunk and steampunky things, but I’ll show some on this site…stayed tuned old chaps and ladies.

calling all deckhands, prepare to land

calling all deckhands, prepare to land


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  1. Hi Prof,

    I’ve been fascinated by Steampunk since I first stumbled across the concept a few years ago, and am
    curating a steampunk exhibition ‘The Antipodean Steampunk Show’ for artisan in Brisbane, August 2011.

    I’m really keen to find out more and see work and get in touch with potential participants.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. I am wondering if you were aware of a country “knees up” in Castlemaine, 13 April, The Squealin’ Sailors Ball? http://www.theatreroyal.info/html/s02_article/article_view.asp?article_id=1366&nav_cat_id=161&nav_top_id=72
    “lace up your bodice, strap on your cutlass & cock your hat to a jaunty angle” – if not, pass word around!
    Yours faithfully, Knitsmith Linda of the Royal Antipodean Order Of Knitsmiths (www.knitsmith.org)

  3. I’ve been interested in the Steampunk genre since before it had an official name and have written a few things, too. Not much in the way of fan activities here in South Florida, though.

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