Smashing Discovery what hey!

After 3 decades of making my own electro-mechanical gadgets, playing with steam engines and neo-Gothic stuff, and loving Victorian-era SF, (think Jules Verne), and being rather inspired by Moorcock’s “Warlord of the Air” and Stephenson’s “Diamond Age”, I’ve found that the latest name for this mix is “Steampunk”. Well, actually I’ve known that for a few years, but its time to come out of the closet a bit more and spread the fun.

Steampunk is a hopeful vision of a better time, and a critique of modern plastic society. It’s beauty and sustainability, and a DIY ethic. I’ll be posting here thoughts on these topics as well as news of my projects. For Science!

John D’Alton, Bellbird Hollow, Palpera Tce. Greensborough.

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  1. Mad scientists always talk to themselves.

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