Why Steampunk will stick around (while the West collapses)

Clockwork Century: Here’s a great blog about one person’s take on why steampunk will last. I think they’ve tied the airship rope down nicely. This is exactly what attracts me and why I resonate with the SP ethos.

This is a sample (IMHO the best political insights start  half way down blogpost)

“(1). Steampunk comes from a philosophy of salvage and customization, and (2). Steampunk’s inherent nature is participatory and inclusive, yet subversive.

And now, enlarging to show detail.

(1). Steampunk’s philosophy of salvage and customization is not only very timely here in the early twenty-first century, but it’s a conscious backlash against a Western cultural tradition of waste, disposable consumer goods, and the banality of mass production.”

Check it out– lots of good points. And here’s a pic from somewhere I forget that exemplifies this ethos.

steampunkcdplayer- upcycling

steampunkcdplayer- upcycling

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