How to make a steampunk raygun – part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, now that you have completed Step 1, it’s time to re-size and connect the relevant parts. Because we are building a raygun to defend against Venusians rather than Martians, we need to re-size the polarising ethereal disperser and then gas-weld it to the front of the longitudinal energy modulator. (Don’t be confused because those parts look like an boiled-egg-stand and a candleholder, that is merely a coincidence). Similarly, connect the longitudinal energy modulator to the energy chamber. See pictures below…

You may want to see Part 1 beforehand.

Please note that this is copyright text, from Chapter 3 of  “How to Defend Yourself from Ethereal Invaders from Mars, Venus and Beyond”- soon on sale in better bookstores. Full plans can also be delivered by Airship direct to your door for a minor fee.





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