How to make a Steampunk Raygun in 3 easy steps, no, 4.

Professor Uncle Festa’s guide for the home assemblage of a jolly good raygun on the cheap. (From Chapter 3 of  “How to Defend Yourself from Ethereal Invaders from Mars, Venus and Beyond”- soon on sale in better bookstores).

Step 1: Go a’hunting around scrap yards, second-hand shops and cheap $2 shops with your eyes open for interesting shapes and things with that cry out “raygun”. Collect a bunch of stuff that looks like it may add up to a jolly good item. Assemble a basic idea. Like this below. Who would have thought that an old candle stand, egg stand, strainer, scrap tube etc would present such jolly good possibilities. Hmm, if I cut off a bit from the candle top, will it look better to add the strainer or the egg thingy? (I mean, does the gun need an ethereal scanner/projector, or just a simple polarising ethereal disperser? It depends whether this is for Martians or Venusians really).

Collected junk

Collected junk

For the next steps you’ll need welding gear or metal bits to join everything together, lots of brass bits, screws, brass or gold paint, maybe some leather and…more details in Step 2.

3 Responses

  1. sounds like a fun afternoons work!!

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished product. It’s already looking great.

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