Great insights into why Steampunk is so popular

Here’s two small excerpts from a really good set of insights into why Steampunk is growing and connecting with so many people.


“On the most basic, most appealing social level, steampunk is a way to masculinize romance. That is to say: Steampunk takes something stereotypically feminine that most boys hate — Victorian lace and frills and tea and crumpets — and says, “Hey, how about some robots with that?” It’s like the Dance Dance Revolution of nerd culture: now we all have something we can play together!



“Sure, steampunk “proper” may simply be retro-alternate-19th-century science fiction — but in practice, writers and artists and filmmakers and musicians are all starting with this basic aesthetic and then mixing in some fantasy, some horror, some superheroics. We’re seeing steampunk pirates, steampunk faeries, steampunk Wonder Woman, steampunk Cthulhu cultists! Steampunk is helping to bring us back to the days when the subgenre categories didn’t matter so much and it was all just a big lurching conceptual mass of “weird fiction” — and we’re realizing that it’s really rather a lot of fun that way.”

See the full article at: by Weird Tales editorial director Stephen H. Segal.

I think both these points highlight a growing social trend- the desire to overcome some of the alienations and social disconnections in modern culture. I have  a lot of hope about where Steampunk is heading.

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